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The Blockbuster Hypnosis Protocol

Move past what has kept you "stuck" and blast through those subconscious blocks

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3 Hypnotic Experiences, Countless Lessons and 1 DRAMATIC Transformation

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"Stuck" states and subconscious blocks are often a result of the way the mind processes information. When someone has the experience of being "stuck" in any area of life they have an image in their subconscious mind that they haven't moved through yet. Through the blockbuster protocol Nicholas and Freddy will change the way your brain processes whatever WAS keeping you stuck!

Imagine how good your life will be once you blast through that block!

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Meet Your Presenters

Freddy Jacquin

Hailed by many as "the World's Greatest Hypnotherapist", Freddy Jacquin has hypnotized over 30,000 people around the globe to improve their lives. He helps clients overcome chronic pain, smoking habits, phobias, fears, compulsive behavior and performance anxiety. Freddy teaches his techniques to hypnotherapists through the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy and is the author of a number of books including, "Hypnotherapy", a must read book for anyone wanting to master hypnotherapy.

Nicholas Spohn

International speaker, hypnotist, podcaster and high performance coach, Nicholas Spohn teaches audiences around the world how to use the power of language and hypnosis to influence others, and to influence their own subconscious minds. Nicholas leads retreats training people to create new identities, access different mental and emotional states, and how to reprogram themselves for that next level of success.